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MetaTrader 4

There’s a reason why millions of traders globally choose MT4.

This powerful platform is an all-rounder, offering a flexible trading system, expert advisors and the ability to execute your winning strategy, whatever the complexity.

HWG Securities Metatrade 4

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MT4 for Mac

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1How to Install MT4
2MT4 Main Features
  1. Works with Expert Advisors, built-in and custom indicators
  2. 1 Click Trading
  3. Complete technical analysis with over 50 indicators and charting tools
  4. Built-in help guides for MetaTrader4 and Metaquotes Language 4
  5. Handles a vast number of orders
  6. Creates various custom indicators and different time periods
  7. History database management, and historic data export/import
  8. Guarantees full data back-up and security
  9. Internal mailing system
3MT4 System Requirements
  1. Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or higher
  2. Intel Celeron-based processor, with a frequency of 1.7 GHz or higher
  3. 256 Mb of RAM or more
  4. 50 Mb of free drive space
4How to Uninstall MT4 for PC

STEP 1: Click Start → All Programs → BBM MT4 → Uninstall

STEP 2: Follow the on-screen instructions until the Uninstall process finishes

STEP 3: Click My Computer → click Drive C or the root drive, where your operating system is installed → click Program Files → locate the folder BBM MT4 and delete it

STEP 4: Restart your Computer

5How can I gain access to the MT4 platform?

To start trading on the MT4 platform you need to have an BBM MT4 trading account. It is not possible to trade on the MT4 platform if you have an existing BBM MT5 account. To download the MT4 platform click here.

6Can I use my MT5 account ID to access MT4?
7Can I trade stock CFDs with my existing MT4 trading account?

No, you can’t. You need to have an BBM MT5 trading account to trade stock CFDs. To open an BBM MT5 account click here.

8What instruments can I trade on MT4

On the MT4 platform you can trade all the instruments available at BBM including Stock Indices, Forex, Precious Metals and Energies. Individual Stocks are only available on MT5.

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