We push the boundaries to
be different.

We dare to be different.

The other brokers will tell you about their tight spreads, fast execution and 24-hour support, but we see those as industry standard.

We’ve built HWG Securities for the traders with an entrepreneurial spirit and ambitious financial goals beyond their 9-5. Those with a passion for trading and the drive to play the long game. We’re with our traders on their journey and then go the extra mile.

The HWG Securities way is seamless and simple..

You’ve made the decision to trade Forex and even started planning how you’ll spend the profits. How you’ll tell your boss you quit. Or make your family proud…

That part is easy because at HWG Securities, We have created a plan that will helps you trade your way to the top, without the hassle

Why choose HWG Securities?

Here's some fact in number